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World Class Appraisals

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World Class Appraisals is a real estate appraisal company. This web site manages all their appraisals online and handles scheduling. It was designed so that they could also sell this web site as an (optionally custom-branded) online service to other appraisers who also want to manage their own appraisals online.


Developed entire web site from scratch, customized to client's requirements. Site could support multiple branding/domains with multiple customers per domain. Supports workflow where bank loan officers sign in and create an appraisal, appraisal company administrators assign it to an appraiser and handle scheduling, and appraisers perform the appraisal and update status. Site supports scheduling, large (greater than 8MB) file attachments (with upload progress indicator), and various financial reports. Site supports data-driven navigation and custom pages that a customer could create and manage themselves.


  • C#
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Calix Point Integration
  • And more