About Media Future

The Name

Media Future is dedicated to designing and delivering Internet-enabled applications that deliver information in usable and friendly ways.

In communication, “media” refers to the physical method by which information is delivered, whether it’s a newpaper, a recording, or even published on the Internet. In art it represents the materials and techniques used by an artist to produce a work. Media can include many types of information, including video, sound. Its function may be to entertain or to inform.

The word “future” represents the constant advances to be made on delivering ever increasing amounts of information in simple, flexible, but powerful ways to help us realize our ever changing goals.

What We Do

We create web sites and applications that use the Internet to enable distributed access and collaboration.

We use Agile methodologies to work with customers to determine the product’s real, prioritized requirements, develop architecture and detailed designs, work with and manage developers, develop marketing and end-user collateral, work with support organizations to ensure quick and appropriate resolution of issues, and quickly feedback field experience into subsequent product releases. We look to consistently deliver applications meeting all requirements on time and within budget. We want to leverage our expertise in Windows, Internet, data management and development technologies to create products of excellent quality and reliability.

About The Owner

Media Future is owned by Dan Cavina and is based in Redondo Beach in (usually) sunny southern California. Dan has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, and is a senior software developer, architect, and designer with many years of experience covering all aspects of the software development process.

Media Future is not (yet) a full-time job. Dan is currently a Senior Project Manager and software designer for BT, a multinational networking company providing global communications services, products, and telecom infrastructure to customers throughout the world. His responsibilities include the development of several software products used both by customers and internally by the company, as well as helping to improve the overall software development process throughout the company.

Dan is also involved in several independent software and web site projects, including complex Business-to-Business (B2B) databases utilizing the latest technologies (see examples of these in the portfolio section of this site).

Previously, Dan was the Senior Software Engineer and applications specialist for Firstsource corp, a leading B2B e-commerce provider of business procurement solutions for companies and Internet resellers. Dan worked with various development teams to create server software and utilities that supported their business and clients. Firstsource has since been acquired by another e-commerce company.

Before working for firstsource corp, Dan was Vice President of Development and software architect for Second Opinion Software, a developer of medical imaging and communication software. Dan's work at Second Opinion Software spanned eight years and involved everything from creating project specifications, doing all of the programming on the products, creating artwork, writing documents, providing support for customers, doing product demonstrations, and creating and maintaining the company's web site.

Our Tools And Technologies

Media Future uses a variety of the latest technologies to create applications and web sites. This is just a partial list:

  • Programming tools: Microsoft Visual Studio 2003, 2005, 2008
  • Graphics: Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects
  • Programming languages: C#, JavaScript, C++, VBScript
  • Programming frameworks: Microsoft .NET (all versions), Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC), Win32 (Windows)
  • Databases: ADO.NET, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, MySQL